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Statement: EPA acts responsibly by relaunching climate science and policy website

WASHINGTON -- The Environmental Protection Agency reinstated its website centered on climate science and policy on Thursday. This information was removed from the EPA website by the previous administration. This relaunch is a strong signal that the Biden administration will restore the role of science in protecting our communities and public health. 

News Release | Environment America

Statement: Michael Regan’s confirmation as EPA secretary is the right decision for key agency

WASHINGTON -- The Senate confirmed Michael Regan as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday. With his strong environmental protection background as the leader of North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality, Regan is expected to place the agency’s focus back squarely on its mission: to protect the environment and public health. This will include safeguarding the nation’s waterways and air quality, as well as pushing forward with bold action to address climate change.

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Nevada lawmakers push for bill to curb growing e-waste problem

CARSON CITY --- A growing movement to fix America’s repair problems reached the Silver State on Tuesday when Nevada Assemblywoman Selena Torres introduced a bill (AB 221) to liberate the electronics repair economy from the restrictive trade practices of many tech manufacturers. 

Torres’ bill, co-sponsored by four other members in the Assembly (Peters, Watts, Considine, and Duran), would require consumer electronics manufacturers to make “repair essentials” --- such as parts, tools, software, diagrams, etc. --- available for products priced between $100 and $5,000 at a fair and reasonable price. Manufacturers routinely limit the availability of these repair essentials as a means of monopolizing the repair market on their products, oftentimes disincentivizing repair and incentivizing new purchases. 

News Release | Environment America

Statement: Bold climate bill aims for zero carbon emissions by midcentury

WASHINGTON -- Congressional leaders on the House Energy and Commerce Committee released the new CLEAN Future Act on Tuesday. This comes after a year of input from stakeholders nationwide, following the release of a version of this bill in 2020. The legislation lays out a path for the United States to reach economy-wide emissions reduction targets that would allow the country to hit net zero emissions by 2050. This new legislation also sets an interim goal for the country to reduce greenhouse gas pollution by 50 percent below 2005 levels by no later than 2030. These science-based targets aim to keep global warming below 1.5 additional degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to avert the worst impacts of climate change.