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Great Basin National Park is at risk of development and resource exploitation

Environment Nevada released a new report today revealing that pristine areas in Great Basin National Park could be at risk of development and resource exploitation if bills moving through the House of Representatives are signed into law.  

News Release

1.2 Million Pounds of Toxic Chemicals Dumped into Nevada’s Waterways

Industrial facilities dumped 1.2 million pounds of toxic chemicals into Nevada’s waterways, according to a new report released today by Environment Nevada. Wasting Our Waterways: Industrial Toxic Pollution and the Unfulfilled Promise of the Clean Water Act also reports that 226 million pounds of toxic chemicals were discharged into 1,400 waterways across the country.

News Release | Environment Nevada

Past Disasters Show Dangers of Uranium Mining Near the Grand Canyon

Uranium mining has left a legacy of disastrous pollution in the West, and now mining poses a risk to the Grand Canyon — one of our greatest national parks. Thousands of new mining claims threaten to destroy the canyon’s stunning landscape and pollute the Colorado River — a major source of drinking water for Nevada — according to a report released today by Environment Nevada entitled “Grand Canyon at Risk: Uranium Mining Doesn't Belong Near Our National Treasures.”

News Release | Environment Nevada

New Report: North Valmy Power Plant Emits Most Smog-Forming Pollution in Nevada

North Valmy Power Plant in Humboldt County emits 5690.5 tons of smog-forming pollution every year—the most in Nevada—according to the new Environment Nevada report, Dirty Energy’s Assault on Our Health: Ozone Pollution. The report found that power plants in Nevada emitted 12,494.27 tons for smog-forming pollution in 2009.  The report comes as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to finalize a standard in July to help reduce smog-forming pollution.